A Warm Welcome to Land Owners
within the South-East of England

Trust the Experts


In an industry where every house-builder boasts the “ability to maximise development potential”, “superb design” and” attention to detail”, Whitehall Homes really do deliver.

Over the past decade, Whitehall Homes have built a reputation for creating New Homes that surpass all expectations.

Whitehall Homes have extensive expertise in all aspects of the development process, from identifying development opportunities and acquiring sites, to optimising their potential and obtaining planning permission.

The focus is on delivering thriving, sustainable new communities through good quality and well-designed New Homes.


Whitehall Homes believe that building strong relationships is key to achieving successful solutions.

Whitehall Homes’ Land Department work closely with individual landowners and community groups to enrich each site’s unique heritage. Private Vendors, in collaboration with Whitehall Homes, can contribute to the production of much needed, well designed homes and communities whilst fully capitalising on the redevelopment value of their land.

Our ability to create schemes that both increase densities and blend well with the surrounding housing typology results in increased land returns for sellers.

Local Councils


Whitehall Homes have a proven track record in working collaboratively with Local Planning Authorities and key stakeholders, required to promote schemes that successfully regenerate settlements and provide sustainable communities.

Whitehall Homes work efficiently and proactively throughout the key stages of the planning process and only use the most respected consultants and talented designers to promote successful outcomes.

For more information or to contact us about land opportunities, call us on
01342 314 915 or click here.

We are opportunity led, with our focus on sites with the following criteria:

  • Subject to planning purchases with a maximum land value of £3.5m
  • Selective unconditional purchases without planning consent
  • Sites capable of providing a minimum of 20 units and a maximum of 70 units
  • Smaller sites considered where Affordable Housing does not apply and are close to East Grinstead
  • Greenfield strategic sites for promotion
  • Brownfield land development

Areas of operation: 

  • Surrey
  • West Sussex
  • East Sussex
  • Kent

“Join Whitehall Homes in the placemaking of your area, to help enrich existing neighbourhoods with new sustainable communities that we can be proud of.”

To speak to a member of Whtiehall Homes’ land deparment, please click below and fill out the contact us form, or alternatively call 01342 314915 and we will be more than happy to assist.